TCEi spinning deck

Know-howTCEi spinning deck

Transport, Compost, Spread

Transport, compost, spreading. Rolland designed the spinning deck in 1992 giving accuracy with an even spread pattern, available on the Rollforce and Rollmax models. This system is the backbone of the ECO-spreading certification scheme (green spreading)

Rolland’s TCEi spinning deck offers a highly productive accurate system, it is possible to spread heavy and light products evenly making it a very versatile system.

  1. The slat floor feeds the product into the beaters
  2. The two horizontal beaters grab and mix the product throwing it to the rear hood
  3. The product drops to the spinning discs
  4. The discs equipped with three angled paddles push the product through the sliding trap

Benefits of TCEi :

● Performance : spreads from 10 to 24m wide depending on the product
● Variable doses : dosis from 2 to 35T/ha depending on the product
● Windrowing : With composting panels a windrow 3mx2m can be made

Operation of the TCEi in video

For a better display of the horizontal beaters and the discs, the rear hood is open on this video. At work, the hood in closed down except for composting function.