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Hydraulic lowering system and optimized wheel arches as standard.

The Full width doors are really functional as they are equipped withautolock (slamshut) closing system.

The ROLLVAN are equipped as standard with :

  • A rubber and resin floor that protects the animals from slip and noise.
  • The hydraulic lowering is equipped with accumulator’s for a smooth ride. To ensure an optimal maintenance the running gear axles have grooved bushings for a complete greasing.
  • The hydraulic lowering system turns itself to a hydraopneumatic suspension system for a soft transport.
  • All LED lights
Hydraulic lowering as standard.
Optimized wheel arch.

The types of internal barriers:

BASIC : Simple 4 bar gate adjustable partition
COUNTRY : Single sliding door separation (can go over arches)
SALOON : Twin door sliding door separation

METRO : Sliding partion from right to left

Easily guide livestock with external gate

RANCH : Outside penning gates, 5x60mm rail
SWIFT : storage on side rails

The ROLLVAN range :