The next from Rolland’s well known rocker beam axle.

Available on Rollspeed, Rollroc or on Rollmax spreaders ranges.

Independant hydraulic suspension on each wheel, stability and comfort on road, easy running across fields, respecting the soil with reduced fuel consumption. The Rollfast exists in 2 and 3 axles versions with steer or auto-steer with Roll-Link options.

  • Each wheel has independant hydraulic suspension
  • One cylinder and one hydropneumatic accumulator per wheel
  • The load is constantly equal on each wheel
  • Tipping stabilizer integrated as standard, front lifting axle as option on tri-axle
  • Comfort, stability, safety and respect for the soil
  • Optional rear steering, auotlink, Rollink,front lifting on triaxle and auto-greasing
ROLLFAST 3-axle rocker beam
ROLLFAST 2-axle rocker beam

A state of the art equipment:

No matter what the terrain is, doesn’t require any manual correction from the tractor.

Available in passive or hydractive mode, this system is equipped with hydropneumatic accumulators and with an independant hydraulic suspension on each of the 4 or 6 wheels. Its hydraulic circuit is closed, totaly independant from the tractor. The trailer stays parallel to the ground, no matter the slope, no requires any manual correction from the tractor. The load is constantly equal on each of the 4 or 6 wheels. A pressure limiter is integrated in case of violent choc.


  • Hydraulic circuit totally independant from tractor
  • Closed hydraulic circuit.
  • Constant adjustment.
  • Pressure limiter valve (with hydraulic hose returning to the tractor for overpressures).

Hydractive ROLL-FAST

  • Hydraulic suspension management unit.
  • Level correction according to the load in real time.
  • Permanent coupling to the tractor.
  • Possibility to control the height from the cabin.