What is Eco-Spreading Certification?

Eco-Spreading is a certification delivered by an independant agency (CERTIPAQ) which warrants spreader’s high agro-envronmental performances to the user.

  • Very high spreading accuracy and total control of the dosis.
  • Respect of the soils via low pressure tyres
  • Controls made on an homologated testing bench.
  • Start-up, advice, technical and agronomical training.
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The certification of organic materials spreaders warrants the quality of the organic fertilizers spreading. […] This volontary approach is open to company that desires its machines performances recognized. .

Certipaq – eco-spreading standards

Which ROLLAND Eco-Spreading solution ?

Rolland offer 2 ROLLFORCE certified Eco-Spreading : ROLLFORCE 6118 (18m3) and ROLLFORCE 6620 (20m3). Both equiped with TCEi spining deck.


Eco-Spreding certified Rollforce are equipped with the TCEi spinning deck. This concept has been invented by ROLLAND 25 years ago. The two horizontal beaters grab and mix the product equally on their full width. The distribution flap allows to adjust the point of fall of the product on the discs and the spreading flow. The spinning discs are equipped with enhanced paddles in order to obtain a regular and with spreading pattern.

Eco-Spreading Certification Standards

Agri-environmental performance

Valorization of the farm’s organics fertilizers thank to the permanent and accurate dosis control. Respect of the soil thanks to low pressure tyres.

Technological efficiency and working comfort

Intuitive color touchpad ROLLCONTROL screen, equipped with DPA coupled to continuous dynamic weighing system. Compatible ISOBUS, data extraction, access to precision farming with mapping, guidance, automatic cuts in headlands and dosis modulation.

Image enhancement

Eco-Spreading certification is a real plus for a contractor by giving credit to its work and it can be a lever to find new clients.