Continuous dynamic weighting

Know-howContinuous dynamic weighting

Agri-environmental performance

The ROLLAND dynamic weighing system measures in real time the weight of the load thanks to a system combining 2 cells placed on drawbar’s axle and 2, 4 or 6 load cells placed between the body and the running gear. This system allows you to perfectly control the spreading quality throughout the emptying of the body

Weighers placed on the heads of Rollfast cylinders (ROLLMAX)

To increase precision, the system is equipped with :

  • Temperature correctors (to counter excessive temperature rises)
  • Choc correctors (to smooth peaks at headlands for example)
  • Tilt correctors that rectifies weight in spite of the slope to conserv a real and reliable information.

Digital on service to operator !

Our machines equipped with ROLLCONTROL are proven on dynamic testing bench which measures longitudinal and transversal repartition of the spread pattern.

The ROLLCONTROL Isocan device allow to litterally pilot the spreader while taking benefits from dyamique weighing system. Dosis modulation and mapping are available as option.
Embedded intelligence of the spreader manages the dosis directive.

Longitudinal distribution – MIATE Compost
ROLLCONTROL Isocan device