Producing local renewable energy

Benefits of the methanization :

  • Valorization of the organic material and of the energy
  • Limitation of the greenhouse-gases emissions
  • Reduction of the smells thanks to the control of the conditions and to the absence of oxygen in the process
Spreader ROLLFORCE 6620

Biomass transport management

ROLLAND offers a wide range of towed vehicles with ROLLSPEED and AMPLIROLL container carriers.

Solid digestate spreading management

The many ROLLAND innovations at the service of methanization ! The ROLLFORCE and ROLLMAX spreaders with the TCEi spinning deck and dynamic weighing system are proven solutions for spreading solid digestate.


A range certified by an independant organism (CERTIPAQ) that warrants the agro-environmental performance of ROLLFORCE 6118 and 6620 : high spreading accuracy, respect of the soils, low pressure tyres and total master of the dosis. High-Technologie.

Example of an incorporation hopper with crushing system, time delay and continuous weighing.
ROLLFORCE 6620 spreader.