LIFT stand

Know-howLIFT stand

The LIFT stand secures and facilitates hitching

The hydraulic jack plugged on tractors hydraulic distributor brings comfort and speed at hitching and storage of the trailer. The stand folds in integrally in the body of the drawbar. The cylinder’s power allows to lift the machine empty and loaded.

Available on Rollspeed, Rollforce, Rollmax and Rollroc.
Only on triangled drawbars.

Benefits of the LIFT hydraulic stand.

  • The system works with a tractor distributor that is available after the manipulation.
  • The bottom skate is reinforced and its ground contact surface is increase in order to adapt the storage to any type of land.
  • A twin piloted valve on the cylinder maintain the level of the trailer during long term storage.
  • The stand is totally storaged in the drawbar’s body when the trailer is hitch in order to avoid any contact with tractor’s tyres.