All-aluminium extensions

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All-aluminium extensions

This kit, all made of aluminium for a fast assembling, is available for 0,70m and 1m on all the Rollspeed range

The assembling is made within 20 minutes from the inside of the trailer, with one only assembler and an unic open end spanner. The posts are also made of aluminium so the weight 2,5 less than steel ones. Their lock is made with a system of bolted flange.

An average of less 80kg on the entire kit and thrice less time and energy to prepare the trailer.

We have made a new profil of panels with double foldings that strengtens the extensions twice. (pictures coming soon).

ROLLAND’s all-aluminium quick-fit extensions.
Intermediate post
Rollspeed 7136 + all-aluminum extensions 0.70 .
Zoom on an aluminum post.

Rollspeed 7845 with 1m80 body height + all-aluminium extensions 0.70.